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  Acknowledging the importance of resolution between creditors and consumers. 

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Recovery Management Solutions LLC has helped countless consumers resolve their debts through proper communication and understanding of their financial situation. You may have forgotten about your past-due bill or maybe you just fell upon hard times.  Even though your unpaid bill may have “charged off” as an unpaid asset on the original creditors books, your debt is still genuinely due.   Your past-due account is now managed by Recovery Management Solutions LLC (RMS).
If you’ve received a letter from us, you may be thinking about what happens next.  Whether you have an unpaid debt that is a line of credit, medical debt, student loan, court ordered civil judgment, auto deficiency, bail bond premium, or if your debt is currently going through litigation, no matter what the situation, we will work with you.  RMS is ready to discuss options that will save you money and help you manage your debt. We will work out affordable payment options tailored to your financial situation.
We cannot express enough that communication between you and RMS is essential to reaching a resolution. Help us better understand your situation.  If your debt is being managed by RMS, feel free to call us at (888) 906-2259.
We take great pride in conducting ourselves in a professional and considerate manner at Recovery Management Solutions, LLC (RMS).  Through continuous training and education, our staff will be able to maintain this trend.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly by someone at RMS, please click on the “Dispute Resolution Center” button above and follow the instructions on how to notify RMS of your complaint.  We will make every attempt to ensure your utmost satisfaction by resolving the issue quickly and accurately.
We understand that it may be awkward, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing to receive a call from a debt collector.  The staff at Recovery Management Solutions, LLC is trained to handle every situation with the utmost respect for the consumer.  We pride ourselves on our ability to help consumers manage their debt without confrontation.
The right solution.

Resolution involves understanding the needs of
consumers and the creditors.

Unpaid debts are problems and every problem has a solution.  Our staff understands that unforseen circumstanses can occur, leaving consumers in debt.  Whatever your situation may be Recovery Management Solutions will work with you on an affordable resolution. 

BEWARE      OF         THE          BLOG 

If you are looking for legitimate information about Recovery Management Solutions, DO NOT look for it on a BLOG or FORUM.  It is impossible to validate information posted on a blog or forum because you do not know if the person who posted it is credible.  If someone has complained about RMS on a forum or blog, it is most likely because the person did not communicate with an RMS representative to attempt to resolve the issue prior. If you truly want your complaint to be heard, click on the Dispute Resolution Center button below OR call us at (888) 906-2259 and ask for a manager to further assist you.